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New type of facilitation for our catalogue of services 👍🎉

Pictures of a hybrid workshop facilitated by ORCHANGO's Edmond Mellina while NOT in the room

That was a LOT of fun! Last evening, ORCHANGO’s president & co-founder Edmond Mellina facilitated a different type of hybrid workshop: he was the only person NOT in the room!

The client’s leadership team went to Vancouver for their division’s retreat. They wanted Edmond to facilitate a leadership workshop. Unfortunately, he couldn’t go to the West coast. So, he joined the client from Toronto via MS-Teams.

The AV technology in the hotel meeting room worked perfectly (360-degree camera/mic by Owl Labs). As Edmond explained:

I really felt like I was in the room with the team (minus the beautiful view of the mountains and ocean of course).

When participants had to reflect on their own, they moved to a table at the back – creating sticky notes on a MURAL board. For “museum tours” and working discussions, participants formed a half-circle (seated or standing up) in front of the big TV screen – where I was projecting the MURAL board and my cam feed.

It worked seamlessly! I love trying new things, whether or not they work seamlessly!!

PS – faces blurred on the pix for privacy reasons.

As ORCHANGO's editor, I post news and related articles about our firm on both our website and LinkedIn page. I also manage our YouTube channel.

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