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Picture of Edmond Mellina and title subtitle of his keynote "Nimble Decision-Making"

Duration, audience, language

  • Duration: 45-90 minutes (or more with a keynote + workshop combo).
  • Format: in-person, live-virtual or hybrid.
  • Target audience: leaders & professionals at all levels.
  • Language: English or French.


In the new-normal, organizations whose decision-making is sluggish will end up like the proverbial Dodo… extinct!

We are not talking here about big strategic decisions – these are few and far between. Instead, we are referring to the gazillions of decisions organizations make throughout the year.

In this highly dynamic and interactive keynote, Edmond will guide the audience through a three-step exploration:

  1. What are the key symptoms of sluggish decision-making?
  2. Which decision-making model is best to drive agility?
  3. How can we build up nimbleness while making actual decisions?

Edmond delivers this keynote with the passion, humour and engaging style that are his trademarks.

Key highlights

  1. Recognize sluggish decision-making when you see it.
  2. Find out which decision-making framework is best for nimbleness.
  3. Leverage action-learning to build up nimble decision-making capabilities!

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