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Keynote: The Emotional Case™

Duration, audience, language

  • Duration: 45-90 minutes.
  • Format: in-person, live-virtual or hybrid.
  • Target audience: leaders & professionals at all levels.
  • Language: English or French.


What explains the success of Greta Thunberg’s movement against climate change? Of course, the timing is right (unfortunately). She does a good job at bolstering her points with solid data. And she is social-media savvy.

But there is something else that Greta does extremely well: she taps into the amazing power of emotions. That is the root of her success.

In this highly dynamic keynote, Edmond explains what makes emotions so powerful. Through compelling examples and vivid stories from the real world, he illustrates how to build momentum by building the Emotional Case™ for change – and not just the business case. He highlights key take-aways for corporate leaders & professionals working on transforming their organizations.

Edmond delivers this keynote with the passion, humour and engaging style that are his trademarks.

Key highlights

  1. Learn the secret behind all successful movements for change.
  2. Discuss practical ways to build the Emotional Case™ for change in the corporate world.
  3. Get inspired to multiply your effectiveness as a change leader!
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