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Transformation assessment & recommendations

From uncertainties…

At the beginning of a transformation (strategic, digital or otherwise), the following questions are top-of-mind for C-Suite executives and/or Board members:

  • What are the top risks and organizational barriers from a change management standpoint?
  • How can we best mitigate or remove them?
  • More importantly, how can we ensure success?

In the midst of the transformation, the top questions usually become:

  • Why is the transformation not going as expected?
  • How can we get it back on track?

… to confidence within 4-to-6 weeks

We come in and do our thing:

  1. Assessing the situation by leveraging our unmatched expertise and unbiased perspective.
  2. Providing a crystal-clear understanding of the top risks and organizational issues − with a special focus on the human dimension.
  3. Co-creating with the client a change management strategy − along with specific and pragmatic actions − to execute the transformation successfully (if at the beginning) or get it back on track (if in the midst of it).
  4. Building the necessary impetus to get going.

Bottom line: renewed confidence, clear direction and positive momentum.

After that, the client organization can continue on its own or with further assistance, from us or another firm.

Who will provide these services?

Edmond Mellina, our president & co-founder, leads the delivery of our Transformation Assessment & Recommendations services.

Check Edmond's #NimbleVlog (playlist)

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