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The “ORCHANGO way” is characterized by a dual focus:

1- Making sure our clients successfully execute a challenging, critical & short-term initiative;
2- Multiplying the organization’s ability to deal with fast-paced, constant, overlapping and disruptive change.

[wpfa5s icon=”fa-check-circle”] Bottom line: Nimble change capabilities for the age of digital disruption

Take on a challenging, critical & short-term change

By tackling a strategic initiative faced with significant resistance: we show everyone how effective change leadership is done in the real world + we demonstrate the value of adopting and applying ORCHANGO’s tools, techniques and mindsets + we build confidence in the organization’s change management potential.

Multiply the change competencies of leaders

Change is a game of proximity. Distant leaders cannot play the game effectively — whether you measure distance in terms of geography or hierarchical levels. The “local leaders” are by far the best positioned to tackle the challenge. They represent the true keystone of nimble organizational change.

Train and guide the change project teams

We enroll change teams in a special action-learning program anchored to the timeframe of the actual change initiatives. As they tackle their real-world challenge, the teams learn how to apply the ORCHANGO Method™ — with effective guidance and coaching from one of our Change Masters.

Build change capability & embed change into the corporate culture

We use ORCHANGO’s 4-Stage Capability Building Model to boost the organization’s change capacity and ingrain change leadership thinking into its corporate culture — so that making change stick becomes a core competency and simply “the way we do business around here”.

Ensure strategic planning is done with change management in mind

Strategy execution becomes way easier when change management considerations permeate the planning process. We integrate our special tools in your existing planning methodology. We facilitate strategic planning retreats and other sessions as necessary to ensure successful execution.

Train individual contributors, change agents and/or other audiences

We have a specific learning program for each “player” during times of change. We even have one for Boards of Directors. To address special audiences, context or objectives, we use customized versions of these programs. A tailored version of our STEP UP!™ game is featured in most of our courses.

Deliver custom Execution+Culture™ workshops and/or other interventions…

We may use additional interventions — such as a series of custom-designed Execution+Culture™ workshops — to further ingrain change into the corporate culture and strengthen the organization’s change capacity while facilitating the execution of the business plan.

Measure & monitor progress; leverage the data to drive success

Data is everything. With our special CHECK UP!™ survey, we can assess and drive your organization’s change capabilities; monitor the levels of support or resistance for specific change initiatives; and guide your overall efforts to make change stick.

What are you waiting for? Start making change stick today!

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