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Infographic: 5 mindset shifts for nimble change leadership

When talking with C-suite executives and other transformation leaders about leading through change in the new normal, we regularly point to the five mindset shifts captured in this infographic.

They are absolutely critical to switching from sluggish change management (think Prosci and its antiquated ADKAR model) to nimble change leadership™ (our specialty and unique expertise) – and therefore thriving in our era of fast-paced, constant & disruptive change.

Change Leadership – From Sluggish to Nimble: 5 Mindset Shifts for the New Normal Infographic by ORCHANGO

These mindset shifts mean:

  1. Rethinking the overall approach to change management.
  2. Debunking the myth of the importance of Executive Sponsorship.
  3. Moving away from the centralized approach to change capability building that has been prevalent for the past 20 years.
  4. Seriously challenging the usefulness of mainstream approaches to change management (Prosci and the likes).
  5. Looking very differently at corporate politics during times of change.

As ORCHANGO's editor, I post news and related articles about our firm on both our website and LinkedIn page. I also manage our YouTube channel.

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