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Build nimble change management capabilities for the age of digital disruption

Mainstream change management is not nimble!

Organizations started embracing change management as a formal discipline around the time Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded Netflix. That was in 1997! Since then, change has accelerated as much as Netflix’s delivery model (remember their DVDs in the mailbox?).

Yet organizations have not adapted to the new nature of change. They continue to rely on methods, mindsets and structures developed when the pace of innovation was relatively controlled. For example, most businesses still adopt a phased approach to managing change – such as Prosci’s ADKAR, Kotter’s 8 Steps or Anderson’s 9 Phases, etc. This strategy made sense when the dust had time to settle before the next disruption. But that era is gone forever. In our increasingly digital world, change is fast-paced, ongoing and disruptive.

To survive and thrive in today’s world, organizations must have the necessary culture, people and capabilities to be nimble when adapting to change.

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The ORCHANGO Method™ for fast-paced change

To succeed in the age of digital disruption, the priority must be on equipping change leaders and professionals with a nimble and minimalist toolkit. In our experience, they need stethoscope-like change tools to tackle two critical tasks and nothing else: monitoring acceptance and resistance on the fly; and influencing through the inevitable politics of change.

Like the go-to instrument of Emergency Room’s doctors and nurses, these stethoscope-like tools should always be readily available (i.e. top of mind); simple yet effective; and a catalyst for action in a dynamic environment.

The ORCHANGO Method™ has been specifically developed by and for change leaders operating in fast-paced environments − i.e. when ongoing and disruptive change is the norm. Our unique tools, guiding principles and techniques are super effective and easy to apply in today’s fast & furious business world.

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The STEP UP!™ game − a powerful simulated experience to learn nimble change leadership

None of the mainstream change management methodologies put enough emphasis on working with and through the inevitable politics of change. Yet, internal − and external − politics is what derails most change efforts. No wonder so many organizations continue to struggle with change!

The best way to learn how to influence through the politics of change is to be deeply immersed into a simulated experience that vividly mirrors the reality. This is exactly what STEP UP!™ − our flagship learning game − is all about.

The one-day version of STEP UP!™ covers the essential elements of the ORCHANGO Method™ for fast-paced, ongoing and disruptive change − including the super-nimble Change Stethoscope™ and our key Guiding Principles.

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Model & roadmap for nimble change capability building

Based on our experience, the classic Capability Maturity Model is inadequate to build nimble change management capabilities. Therefore, we developed an alternate model to guide our work with clients: the ORCHANGO 4-Stage Change Capability Building Model.

We also use the ORCHANGO Change Capability Building Roadmap as a framework.

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Strategic transformation advisory

By advising individual leaders or teams as they work on strategic transformation, we are able to:

  1. Further build the organization’s nimble change leadership capabilities.
  2. Guide the transformation of the organization and its corporate culture.
  3. Support the execution of the strategy and business plan.

We advise:

  • CEOs.
  • Senior executives in pivotal roles.
  • Leaders with challenging transformation mandates.
  • Innovation teams.
  • Transformation teams.
  • Etc.

These guiding discussions and the advice we provide focus on strategic business transformation; nimble change leadership; team effectiveness; cross-functional issues; other strategic and/or critical issues; and, of course, culture change.

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