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Keynote by Edmond Mellina - The Six Change Personas™ (for everyone)

Duration, audience, language

  • Duration: 45-90 minutes.
  • Format: in-person, live-virtual or hybrid.
  • Target audience: anyone impacted by change (associates, leaders, etc.).
  • Language: English or French.

We have another version of this keynote for change makers i.e. anyone working on transforming the organization and/or its external environment (leaders, HRPBs, project teams, PMO, change agents, intrapreneurs, innovation specialists, SMEs, strategic planners, business analysts, sales professionals, external liaison specialists, etc.). ➡️ Click here to check it out…


When impacted by change, we adopt one of Six Change Personas — depending on how we truly feel about the change: Campaigner; Helper; Skeptic; Wind Watcher; Foot Dragger; Torpedo.

As our feelings evolve, we naturally switch personas. Each one has a good side… and a dark side.

In this highly dynamic and interactive keynote, Edmond introduces the Six Change Personas. He shares research data to highlight how often we adopt each of them.

Then, Edmond guides the audience through an exploration of each persona. Participants leverage the insights gained through this collective reflection to strengthen their resilience during times of change.

Edmond delivers this keynote with the passion, humour and engaging style that are his trademarks.

Key highlights

  1. Discover the Six Change Personas™ we adopt based on how we feel about the change.
  2. Know what to do when “wearing” a specific persona, based on what is good vs. more problematic about it.
  3. Develop the necessary perspective to increase your resilience!

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