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Keynote: Three Integrated Thrusts™ by ORCHANGO's Edmond Mellina

Duration, audience, language

  • Duration: 30-90 minutes (or more with a keynote + workshop combo).
  • Format: in-person, live-virtual or hybrid.
  • Target audience: C-Suite Executives & Corporate Directors.
  • Language: English or French.


In our increasingly digital world, corporate transformation has become a top imperative across sectors. To succeed with the challenge, it is critical to work on three tightly integrated thrusts:

  1. Strategic / business planning & execution;
  2. Leadership & change capability building;
  3. Culture change − which is the thrust around which everything else evolves.

In this highly dynamic and interactive keynote, Edmond illustrates how to integrate the three thrusts by drawing on his rich international experience executing challenging corporate transformations. He helps audience members assess current transformations and prepare for upcoming ones.

Edmond delivers this keynote with the passion, humour and engaging style that are his trademarks.

Key highlights

  1. Discuss the importance of working on the three thrusts in an integrated manner.
  2. Assess your organization’s current / upcoming transformations and identify pragmatic ways to ensure success.
  3. Get inspired to make your organization “future-ready”!

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