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Keynote: "Co-disruptors™ – What It Takes To Successfully Disrupt From Within" By Edmond Mellina

Duration, audience, language

  • Duration: 45-90 minutes.
  • Format: in-person, live-virtual or hybrid.
  • Target audience: leaders & professionals at all levels.
  • Language: English or French.


Established organizations have a stark choice to make: continuously disrupt themselves or risk becoming irrelevant. Therefore, they need disruptive talents. Researchers have developed profiling instruments to help identify disruptive talents. That is a good start.

But if having raw disruptive talents is great for startups, it can dangerously back-fire in established organizations. The latter require corporate innovators who continuously reinvent the business without falling victim to the infamous “corporate immune system”. These special talents are the Co-disruptors™.

In this highly dynamic and interactive keynote, Edmond explains what it take to be a true Co-disruptor™. He provides participants with an opportunity to reflect on the way they lead or advocate for change. As a result, they identify ways to better contribute to the ongoing success of their organization.

Edmond delivers this keynote with the passion, humour and engaging style that are his trademarks.

Key highlights

  1. Learn what it takes to be a true Co-Disruptor™.
  2. Reflect on your approach when leading or advocating for change.
  3. Get inspired to raise your game and better contribute to reinventing your organization!
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