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Our principals
Staffing like a movie production

A movie production company is often run by just a handful of principals. When producing a movie, they draw on a pool of talented freelancers “as needed”.

Similarly, the ORCHANGO principals (above) rely on a network of experienced independent practitioners to deliver the right solution to clients. Through this network, we can staff projects internationally with seasoned practitioners who have the exact expertise required to help our clients succeed. Besides, our principals are always involved in delivering client engagements.

This approach eliminates the tricky dilemma facing the firms whose majority of consultants are full-time employees. In these firms, the practice leaders are torn between doing what is right for the client (i.e. only assigning to client projects consultants with the required expertise) and optimizing their margins (i.e. moving people “off the bench”, whether or not they are the best fit for the client projects).

Prior to founding ORCHANGO, our president ran a traditional consulting practice out of New York. He had to deal with the above dilemma and he didn’t like it. Hence, by design at ORCHANGO we don’t have to preoccupy ourselves with “moving people off the bench”. This gives us the necessary freedom to always do what is right for the client.

Our learning coaches: the cream of the crop

Both our Learn & Execute® format and the content of our learning programs are unique. Besides, we have built our reputation by always delivering outstanding value to our clients. That is the keystone of our success; we are absolutely committed to it.

Consequently, not every facilitator or consultant can become an ORCHANGO Learning Coach. Here are the key attributes shared by all our coaches:

  • Genuine desire to help other people learn – after all, that is the essence of our business!
  • Absolutely learner-focused – those facilitators who need to show off in front of the classroom in order to please their ego, well, they cannot be part of our delivery team.
  • Remarkable ability to create rapport and engage participants – across generations and cultures.
  • Solid business and organizational acumen – to understand and relate to the context in which the participants operate (competitive environment, organizational and cultural challenges, office politics, etc.).
  • Confidence, high energy and flexibility.

In addition, like all other members of the ORCHANGO team, our learning coaches possess a personal set of values that resonates with our core values below.

Our core values


We are passionate about our business, our programs and our services; we hire people who are equally enthusiastic.


We attract and develop the best talents for our business; we stretch our people and develop a “can do” attitude; we continually pursue excellence by honestly assessing our performance, working tenaciously on raising the bar and creating innovative approaches.


We inspire trust by taking responsibility and keeping our promises; we stand accountable for all our decisions and actions; we act ethically in all matters; we encourage honest and open debate.


We value the needs, ideas, and individuality of others; we ensure an inclusive, supportive and engaging work environment; we treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Our passion drives our focus on excellence – which is the basis for our competitive advantage. Our commitment to integrity and respect is the cornerstone for thriving relationships with clients, colleagues and business partners.

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