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Making good decisions in a timely fashion and at the right level in the business
Details about the master class

This highly dynamic and interactive master class is based on our extensive consulting work making organizations nimbler − across sectors and geographies.

PS – in case you are wondering, we picked a picture of a squirrel for this webpage because the animal embodies nimbleness.

In the new normal, organizations must become nimbler. It requires making decisions in a timely fashion and at the right level in the “business” – public or private.

Interestingly, the most popular decision frameworks are not well suited to day-to-day, agile decision-making. However, a lesser-known model has proven ideal to drive nimbleness: the D.A.I. framework, where D stands for Decision maker; A for Advice givers; and I for Informed stakeholders.

In this highly dynamic and interactive master class, participants:

  • Start by making the case for agile decision-making in their organization.
  • They learn what makes D.A.I. the best model for agile decision-making; and how it works.
  • They explore critical mindsets and behaviours to bring to the table – depending on the specific role they play on a given decision i.e. D, A or I.
  • Finally, they start applying the D.A.I. model on a real-world decision.
  • We adapt the facilitation and content to accommodate any types of audiences (leaders, associates, etc.).
  • We can accommodate any cohort sizes.
  • The program is available in English or French.
  • Duration: half-day
  • Format: in-person, live-virtual or hybrid
  • Module 1 – Making the case for agile decision-making in your organization
  • Module 2 – Why is D.A.I. the best model for agile decision-making? How does it work?
  • Module 3 – Practice time: Who should have the D on that decision?
  • Explain the link between your organization’s Vision, Mission & Strategy and agile decision-making
  • Learn why D.A.I. is the best model for agile decision-making; and how it works
  • Explore critical mindsets and behaviours to successfully apply DAI
  • Start using D.A.I. on a real-world decision
  • Be ready to keep learning about DAI while working on executing your organization’s Vision, Mission & Strategy!
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Popular add-on

Decision Hackasprints™ – Learning agile decision-making while doing

More often than not, clients engage us to design and facilitate a series of Decision Hackasprints. They follow and complement the D.A.I. Master Class.

Through these Hackasprints, the client organization further learns how to apply the D.A.I. model while making actual decisions in real time – as per our Learn-and-Execute® methodology. Hackasprints are also critical to embedding agile decision-making into the corporate culture. We refer to this initial series of Hackasprints as “Phase 1 – ORCHANGO Facilitated“.

After a few Hackasprints, ORCHANGO hands over the baton to internal facilitators who have observed us during Phase 1. That is “Phase 2 – Internally Facilitated”.

Eventually, the client organization gets into “Phase 3 – Self Facilitated”, which is when agile decision-making is becoming second nature throughout the business!

️For more on this, watch this episode of our #NimbleVlog.

The ORCHANGO method to building agile decision-making capabilities and embedding D.A.I. into the corporate culture

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Webinar recordings on the topic

The materials covered in these webinars are the exclusive property of ORCHANGO, a division of TRANSITUS Inc. They are protected by copyright law.

Webinar in English hosted by the International Trade Council (ITC)

Webinar in French hosted by the Institute for Performance & Learning (I4PL)

Actual webinar starts at 4:35

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