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ORCHANGO differences

How we work

  1. Contrary to the big consulting firms, we don’t bait & switch: our president & co-founder personally leads all consulting and most learning engagements – from beginning to end; and we don’t involve junior consultants.
  2. Also, we love transferring our expertise to our clients (it might not make the most business sense, but it’s definitely the right thing to do).
  3. By design, we work very closely with our clients because it’s the only way to: a) succeed with a transformation; b) build the client organization’s nimble change capabilities.
  4. We commit to a fixed price and focus on delivering the outcome-based objectives we agreed upon.
  5. We are super flexible in our approach (which is one of the reasons for our fixed-price philosophy) – after all, nimble is our core business!

Nimble toolkit

  1. First and foremost The ORCHANGO Method™, which is both unique and unmatched!
  2. STEP UP!™ Game simulation.
  3. Learn and Execute® methodology.
  4. Culture Shift methodology.
  5. Agile Decision-Making methodology.
  6. CHECK UP!™ survey.
  7. And more (see the above menu “ Our toolkit includes”)…

Track record

  1. Thanks to the above, we are proud to report a 100% success rate with corporate transformations – over a 30-year period!!! That means not only since the launch of ORCHANGO in 2002, but also before when our president & co-founder was leading challenging transformations from inside organizations. Of course, we need to be directly and significantly involved to ensure success.
  2. Our track record must be contrasted with the average success rate of transformations, which has remained at around 30% since the first independent research was conducted about it four decades ago…
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