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The ORCHANGO Method™

for fast-paced, ongoing and disruptive change

Nimble toolkit for today’s world

Most organizations continue to rely on step-by-step change management methodologies developed in the mid-to-late 90s, when the pace of change was still relatively slow and controlled (e.g. Prosci’s ADKAR, Kotter’s 8 Steps; Anderson’s 9 Phases; etc.). It doesn’t work anymore.

Agile is better suited to our era of digital disruption. But to thrive (and survive), organizations need to raise the bar even further when it comes to change management!

Time and again, the ORCHANGO Method™ for nimble change leadership has proven amazingly effective when fast-paced, ongoing and disruptive change is the norm.

  • Videos: the #NimbleVlog, which features our president & co-founder Edmond Mellina, provides practical insights, tips and tools for transformation and change leaders operating in the corporate world (and beyond).

Stethoscope-like effectiveness

Our tools share three key characteristics with the ER doctor’s stethoscope: Readily available; Simple yet effective; and Catalyst for action.

That is because the ORCHANGO Method™ has been specifically developed by and for change leaders operating in fast-paced environments − i.e. when ongoing and disruptive change is the norm. Our unique tools, guiding principles and techniques are super effective and easy to apply in today’s fast & furious business world.

BTW — one of our most critical tools is actually called… the Change Stethoscope™.

Embraced by all change & innovation agents

Leaders at all levels and from any functions — as well as change makers and innovation specialists — are quick to embrace the ORCHANGO Method™ and apply it daily in their real world.

They learn the essentials of our method through the STEP UP!™ Game, a simulation that feels all too real! They can go deeper by participating in one of our advanced learning programs, which integrate classroom- and action-learning in a powerful way. Our Strategic Transformation Advisory services are designed to further support those tasked with executing challenging and critical transformations.

Bottom line

Successful transformations. Innovations that survive the dreaded “corporate immune system”. And nimble change capabilities for the next normal.

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