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Example of emotional case: ESA’s latest safety campaign

In an earlier post I talked about the importance of building the emotional case for change – and not just the business case. To illustrate, I used a consumer example: Volkswagen’s Eyes on the road campaign (the video is embedded in that post). I encouraged change leaders to study how others have been able to engage at an emotional level the people who had to change; and I shared some of my favourite stories from the change management literature.

I just came across another great video example, this time by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) in Ontario, Canada. The 30-second spot is a powerful re-enactment of a powerline accident on a construction site – using a 1:6 scale model. You can read more about ESA’s #RespectThePower at Work campaign on Marketing magazine: ESA campaign asks consumers to be mindful of powerlines.

If you are a change leader, stop for a moment and reflect on your current change initiative(s). Ask yourself:

How can I better engage emotionally the groups who have to change?

Be smarter than most managers: build the emotional case for change – not just the business case. As I explained in the earlier post, the former is 4X more powerful than the latter!!

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