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How to get leaders in the financial industry on board with culture changes

ORCHANGO President & Co-founder Edmond Mellina was quoted in Lattice’s Magazine for HR Professionals.

Read the full article on Lattice’s website: How to Get Leaders in the Financial Industry on Board With Culture Changes

Below are two of the quotes ⬇️

“Leaders represent the most critical lever for culture change; unless leaders throughout the business embrace and role-model the mindsets and behaviors of the desired culture, it won’t work,” said Edmond Mellina, President and cofounder of organizational change consultancy ORCHANGO.

HR has no choice but to get leaders genuinely on board — and then work with and through them on shifting the culture.

Don’t think about HR as the leader of the culture shift,” Mellina advised. “Instead, HR’s role must be one of stewardship.

Stewardship means bringing leaders on board and letting them lead, with top business executives overseeing specific aspects of the culture shift, providing effective guidance and support, and ensuring the overall effort is moving in the right direction,” he continued.

In essence, this is a ‘co-creation’ approach. By acting as the steward, HR sets the stage for co-creation with the leadership.

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