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GSK’s Strategic Culture Shift: The Inside Story

Co-presentation by ORCHANGO and GSK Canada at SCNetwork on June 23, 2022

🎤 UPCOMING SPEECH 📅 June 23, 2022

GSK Canada’s Nicole Stuart (HR Country Head) and ORCHANGO’s Edmond Mellina (President & Co-founder) will be co-presenting at the Strategic on June 23, 2022.

They will tell the story of GSK Canada’s strategic culture shift amidst a rapidly changing environment.

ORCHANGO has been collaborating with GSK since the fall of 2020 – first, at the country-level via our culture transformation services; more recently, at the business-unit level via our team intervention, leadership counselling and facilitation services.

🎟️ Details & registration via SCNetwork’s website.

📖 Story hook 📖

Summer 2020… The Pharma sector was shifting rapidly, and GSK Canada had to become significantly nimbler. The agility imperative was particularly critical for Oncology, a business unit of strategic importance. 

Meanwhile, GSK Global had just announced its Future Ready ambition to “split into two companies: a Biopharma company […]; and a new leader in Consumer Healthcare.” 

While the global organization was merely entering the planning stage of this multi-year transformation, the Canadian division had to make its own culture shift happen – ahead of the other countries.

Adding to the complexity: the COVID-19 pandemic was still in its early phases; the workforce had just been reduced significantly; a new Country President was about to be appointed; and senior management had talked about agility before… 

How did GSK Canada move from talk to action? How did they sustain the effort? How did Canada lead their change while remaining aligned with GSK’s global transformation?

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