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ORCHANGO president to speak at AAGEF event

ORCHANGO’s president & co-founder Edmond Mellina will be the keynote speaker at the February event of AAGEF Ontario.

AAGEF Ontario (Association des Alumni des Grandes Écoles Françaises) is the association of Elite French Graduate Schools Alumni working and living in Ontario. These schools are the French equivalent to the Ivy League colleges and universities in the USA.

Edmond is a graduate of Centrale Marseille, one of these Grandes Écoles.

The keynote’s title will be: “Build the Emotional Case for Change a la Greta Thunberg“.

In the short video posted above, Edmond gives a short preview of the speech.

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ORCHANGO [awr-cheyn-goh] is a Canadian-based management consulting and learning agency established in 2002. Our specialty is #nimble change management for the age of digital disruption. Clients partner with us to build nimble change capabilities and execute strategic transformations successfully. ORCHANGO.COM

Edmond Mellina

Edmond Mellina

Edmond Mellina is president & co-founder of ORCHANGO. He is internationally respected as an expert in change management when change is fast-paced, ongoing and disruptive. For over 25 years, he has partnered with public and private sector clients in Europe, North America and the Middle East to build their change capabilities while helping them win in an increasingly digital world. Prior to co-founding ORCHANGO, Edmond was a corporate transformation executive in drastically changing sectors: CIO at Delta Hotels when Expedia disrupted the hotel business; VP Corporate Development & GM for the technology business of Envoy Communications Group when marketing agencies started to become digital. Edmond serves on the National Board of Directors of the Strategic Capability Network.

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