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Aspiring CIOs play STEP UP!™ in Calgary

NEWS RELEASE | April 30, 2012 | Toronto, ON, Canada

Earlier this month in Calgary (AB) Canada, a group of aspiring Chief Information Officers (CIO) played STEP UP!™ – the game of change management by ORCHANGO. Headquartered in Toronto (ON) Canada, ORCHANGO is a firm with world-class expertise in change management that specializes in helping organizations adapt to change.

“Since 2004, we have been helping Leaders Beyond® develop the next generation of Chief Information Officers (CIOs),” declared ORCHANGO president Edmond Mellina. “Leaders Beyond’s programs are intense, relevant, highly practical and experience-based. These are also the key attributes of STEP UP!™, our game of change management.”

“In early 2011, when we showed a prototype of the game to the folks at Leaders Beyond®, they got very excited about it”, continued Mellina. “We decided to integrate STEP UP!™ into their highly-rated IT Executive Leader Program and to run a pilot. The program was already featuring a session on change management by ORCHANGO, so our team re-designed it around the STEP UP!™ game.”

“We ran the pilot in April last year [also in Calgary]. It was a home run”, continued Mellina. STEP UP!™ is now one of the highlights of Leaders Beyond’s IT Executive Leader Program.”

Click here to download an Information Card about STEP UP!.

Click here to learn more about STEP UP!:

  • The genesis of the game;
  • The learning and culture-change objectives that drove its design;
  • How the game is played;
  • What the participants learn through the experience;
  • How STEP UP! benefits our client organizations.


About Leaders Beyond

Leaders Beyond® provides essential lifetime business learning for current and future IT leaders. Our programs are intense and relevant and provide highly practical, experience-based education for the IT professional at every career stage. We are known for our unique learning approach, delivered by a faculty of highly accomplished real-world IT leaders and CIOs who are skilled in transferring career-transforming knowledge and insight to their students.


Our specialty is to help organizations adapt to change. We provide world-class expertise in change management. We serve the diverse needs of our clients through three lines of business: Learning; Consulting; and Speaking. Our unique toolkit includes: STEP UP!™, a learning game of change management; and CHECK UP!™, a special survey to help our clients drive organizational change and measure their change capabilities.


Edmond Mellina | | +1-416-607-6474

As ORCHANGO's editor, I post news and related articles about our firm on both our website and LinkedIn page. I also manage our YouTube channel.

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