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New tagline and agency overview statement

New ORCHANGO tagline 2020 revised

We are pleased to unveil our new tagline, which better reflects ORCHANGO’s long-time focus. We also took the opportunity to rewrite the statement that describes what we do and what makes us different:

New tagline

Transform your business. Make it nimble.

New agency overview statement

ORCHANGO [awr-cheyn-goh] is a Canadian-based management consulting and learning agency established in 2002. Clients partner with us to transform their business strategically and become nimbler. Our approach, toolkit and track record set us apart.

However, we didn’t feel the need to alter our logo. Not only do we like the blue and orange colours, but the visual continues to match perfectly what we are all about: transformation through tight collaboration with our clients and high levels of flexibility!

As ORCHANGO's editor, I post news and related articles about our firm on both our website and LinkedIn page. I also manage our YouTube channel.

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