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TCHC: our side of the story

We are glad to be given an opportunity to tell our side of the story regarding ORCHANGO’s involvement with the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC).

This past March, former TCHC CEO’s Kathy Milsom launched a legal action against TCHC. In May, the social housing provider filed a counterclaim against Milsom that also targeted ORCHANGO. Here is a PDF copy of our statement of defence and counterclaim (as filed):

20190719 Statement of Defence and Counterclaim of Orchango (as filed)

Edmond Mellina, ORCHANGO’s President & co-founder, commented:

We were totally shocked to learn that TCHC was launching a legal action against ORCHANGO.

Back in December, when TCHC terminated our contract, we decided to move forward. It was a painful business decision to make because we desperately wanted to tell our side of the story.

TCHC’s decision to target our firm as part of its legal battle with its former CEO is unfortunate. But it also means we have no choice but to tell our side of the story now, and we are glad about it.

Earlier update about TCHC:

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