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In-person edition
Powered by our STEP UP!™ Game simulation

Highly recommended by past graduates

When asked how likely they were to recommend this in-person program to colleagues and professional contacts, 100% of past graduates responded “likely” or “very likely”

Fantastic program! Loved the delivery, content and approach. Lots of important takeaways from it…

I thought the program was fantastic. Not what I was expecting but in a good way. I was very surprised about the insights some of my colleagues had as well, again in a positive way. It helped us learn more about ourselves and how to lead together through the current transformation. Very powerful.

The team interactions during the [STEP UP!™] game were amazing. The room had many people with significantly different backgrounds and leadership styles. Together, the members of each competing team came to a team decision and ultimately a consensus on strategies.

I have been fortunate to attend two different ORCHANGO courses. Both provided exceptional, unique and practical insights and tools that proved to be immediately valuable after I left the classroom. Edmond’s experience and energy, combined with the ORCHANGO methodology provided an unmatched training experience. I have since encouraged several staff members to participate in the Nimble Change Leadership program to foster their professional development, and in turn, improve our team’s organizational effectiveness.

Don’t change what you are doing!

All sectors of the economy are undergoing unprecedented transformation. The need for speed and flexibility has never been greater. As companies navigate the uncertain waters towards the next normal, leaders must lead through change in faster, nimbler ways. The future of the business depends on it.

The virtual edition of our Nimble Change Leadership™ program is as intense, unmatched and impactful as in person. Both are powered by our highly immersive STEP UP!™ Game – a competitive simulation that feels all too real.

Participants will:

  • Embrace 5 critical mindset shifts for the age of digital disruption
  • Learn the essentials of the ORCHANGO Method for nimble change leadership
  • Apply unique tools and techniques – in both the classroom and their real world (between sessions)

Bottom line: nimble change leadership for the next normal.

We adapt the facilitation and content to accommodate existing leaders (any level), future leaders, change agents, mixed audiences, Board of Directors, etc.

For maximum impact, each virtual cohort is usually capped at 24 participants.

The program is available in English or French.

  • 3 classroom sessions of 3.5 hours each
  • Spread over a few weeks and based on our Learn-and-Execute® methodology
  • Option: customized 1-on-1 Transformation Advisory Package to further guide and support participating leaders as they execute change in the real world
  • Foundation for Nimble Change Leadership – featuring the Change Stethoscope to monitor commitment and resistance on the fly
  • STEP UP!™ Game Simulation – featuring the Ladder of Commitment-Resistance to work through the politics of change with integrity
  • Leveraging our Real-World Experiences – unleashing the power of guided group reflection for maximum learning


Compete to come out on top by tackling widespread resistance and internal politics.

STEP UP!™ is a facilitated learning board game (“serious game”) for organizations faced with uncertainty, fast-paced change and digital disruption.

The simulation challenges competing teams to take on a tricky digital transformation. The objective is to successful pivot a major business of Korbus Global – an international B2B company. There are plenty of obstacles, internal politics and twists that simulate the real world. How will the players pull it off?

The characters and dynamics in STEP UP!™ are based on a real-life business scenario. Players learn how to apply the ORCHANGO Method while drawing parallels with their own real-world challenges.

The result is a learning experience that threads nimble change leadership into the players’ “DNA” and the organization’s culture.

Read what senior executives say about the power of STEP UP!™…

  • Gain a deeper understanding of what it really takes to successfully execute change in today’s unprecedented business environment
  • Adopt 5 critical mindsets for nimble change leadership in the age of digital disruption
  • Boost your effectiveness as a transformational leader with nimble tools, techniques and “game plans” that are highly practical and unique
  • Become a Co-Disruptor who advances the company’s agenda by working through the politics of change with integrity (i.e. “light-side politics” vs. “dark-side politics”)
  • Invest your limited time, energy, and influence more strategically when driving change
  • Maximize your organizational impact and propel your career for the next normal
Watch Q&A videos about the program

We also deliver Nimble Change Leadership™ virtually.

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