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An action-packed workshop (2-day) for Corporate Innovators!

Innovation & change go hand in hand. Indeed, we cannot turn new ideas – whether products, user experiences, strategic initiatives or complex ecosystems – into realities without acceptance by stakeholders.

In this workshop, you will learn how to apply the ORCHANGO Change Management System™ (a.k.a. The ORCHANGO Method) to make change & innovation stick.

This is not an University-type program that teaches interesting theories. On the contrary, it is an action-learning workshop designed for practitioners by practitioners. It features battle-tested tools, framework and techniques that have proven their effectiveness in the real world – through transformational projects of all sizes and natures, across industries and around the globe.

On Day #1, you will compete in STEP UP!™ – our learning game / simulated experience that teaches how to make change & innovation stick. On Day #2, you will apply the learning to make an innovation process “stickier” (we will use Eric Ries’ popular LEAN Startup framework as an example). Most importantly, you will work on making your current innovation or change project “stickier”. You will leave with a concrete plan for your next few weeks and months.

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This learning workshop is for internal practitioners working on change or innovation projects:

  • Front-line leaders and middle-managers;
  • Intrapreneurs / corporate innovators;
  • Innovation leaders and specialists;
  • Change leaders and specialists;
  • Key members of change or innovation projects;
  • Etc.
  • A practical, battle-tested and world-class method (tools, mindsets, guiding principles and techniques) to generate and strengthen acceptance for change & innovation;
  • A “stickier” innovation process that has change leadership embedded throughout;
  • A concrete action plan to make your current change or innovation project “stickier”.


icon-speech-bubble-3-32-blueReflection: change & innovation go hand in hand

To warm up our respective brains and set the stage for the two days, we will reflect on the critical linkages between change and innovation.

icon-stethoscope-32-blueMultiply your agility by ten with the Change Stethoscope™

The Change Stethoscope™ is arguably the most critical tool in the ORCHANGO Change Management System™. As change & innovation leaders, you should use this practical, battle-tested tool as a “stethoscope” throughout any change / innovation journey. First, to quickly assess the levels of resistance or commitment of the groups impacted. Second, to decide what actions are required to drive the campaign. Third, to monitor the acceptance of the change / innovation.

icon-bank-3-32-blueUncovering the real keystone of organizational change

All too often when driving change, innovation leaders fail to recognize the importance of a specific group of stakeholders. Problem: our research and experience have unequivocally demonstrated that these folks represent the true keystone of change. So who are they? How should you work with them? What is the most “strategic” use of your time? These are the questions we will address during this module.

icon-dice-32-blueSTEP UP!™ – Making change & innovation stick in the real world

STEP UP!™ is our learning game / simulated experience that teaches how to make change & innovation stick. Competing in teams, your challenge will be to take on a very tricky change & innovation situation. The objective will be to drive a successful campaign for change within the U.K. division of Korbus Global – an international B2B company. There will be plenty of obstacles, office politics and twists that simulate the real world. How will the competing teams pull it off? → Read more


icon-speech-bubble-3-32-blueReflection: DAY 1 and its implications

Deep and significant learning occurs only as a result of reflection. Experience is the best teacher, but only if we take the time to stop and reflect on our experiences. DAY 1 was highly experiential with a simulation (STEP UP!™) that felt all too real. Therefore we will start DAY 2 by reflecting on the experience, extracting further learnings and discussing the implications.

icon-micropore-tape-32-blueMaking “Lean Startup” stickier

Eric Ries’ Lean Startup framework is becoming increasingly popular both in start-ups and established organizations. Some of the key change principles covered during DAY 1 are already built in. However, if we are to succeed with our innovation initiatives, we need to make the process more “change-savvy”. Therefore, we will unpack Lean Startup; uncover the built-in change leadership principles; make the framework “stickier”; and repack it for your own use in the real world!

icon-micropore-tape-32-blueMaking your current innovation project stickier

Whether or not you are using Lean Startup, you will work on injecting ORCHANGO’s change leadership tools, mindsets and principles into your current change & innovation project. Outcome: a concrete, action-oriented plan to make your project stick!!

icon-opera-glasses-32-blueLooking ahead at the next few weeks and months

To conclude the workshop, we will discuss and reinforce our takeaways. We will look ahead at the next few weeks and months. We will discuss how we can stay connected (via ORCHANGO’s social learning platform and/or other means) to continue to learn from and with each other’s – in true Learn-and-Execute® fashion!

I’ve been working to help organizations transform in the fast-paced technology world for over 15 years. I was fortunate to take ORCHANGO’s Change & Innovation workshop delivered by Edmond Mellina and it was the ONLY workshop I’ve taken where I could immediately use the tips, hints and ideas with my team. I use the “health check” Change Stethoscope and Ladder of Commitment-Resistance regularly. Edmond’s use of his own experience in leading change and gaining commitment is the key to gaining practical, usable knowledge for managing change today. I highly recommend Edmond and ORCHANGO.

— Zahra Merchant, Senior Manager, CIBC

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