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During our change leadership development initiative, working with Edmond and the ORCHANGO team was truly a pleasure. The program raised the entire management team’s level of awareness that any initiative should be treated as a change project with conscious consideration to balance both technical execution and human impacts.

We modified how JMP plans and executes corporate strategies based on the key principles and distinctions within the program. The application of the tools and techniques continue to be an important part to the successful execution of our business plans.

Edmond’s detailed planning, ability to formulate insightful and probing questions, and perform detailed analysis to bring the program in line with our business processes is unmatched in my 20 years of experience. Edmond is always willing to listen with an open mind in resolving audience needs to get the most value and impact out of learning. The flexibility of the program to adjust to cultural uniqueness made it very powerful and the common language developed three years ago continues to be used today, making communication much more efficient and clear. Individuals have internalized the material effectively.

— Brian Hughes, Vice President Human Resources


JMP Engineering, which is known for its disciplined planning process, embarked on an aggressive 30-year strategic plan starting in 2005. The strategic plan typically had 20 separate priorities which required significant change throughout the organization (paradigms, culture, roles, etc.). High levels of engagement existed at JMP; it was important to protect and leverage this attribute.

The management team was primarily composed of technical, hands-on leaders. They were taking a project management approach to the execution of the business plans, with lesser consideration given to the human side.

Furthermore, the hectic pace of the operations was consuming most of the managers time, limiting capacity to focus on the execution of the aggressive business plans.

By the end of the first quarter in fiscal 2007, the execution of the business plan was falling significantly behind, not only because of capacity challenges, but also the sheer breadth of the planned changes. Brian Hughes, Vice President of Human Resources, was concerned with two priorities:

  1. Bring the execution of the business plan back on track.
  2. Develop the change leadership capabilities of the management team.

JMP hired ORCHANGO to address these specific priorities.


Given the two priorities above, we constructed the solution around the ORCHANGO Change Master Program – our flagship course to learn the ORCHANGO Method. Indeed, the program allows participants to learn how to master organizational transitions while successfully implementing the changes that are critical to the strategy and business plan. The program is designed according to ORCHANGO’s distinctive Learn-and-Execute® format, which embodies the principles of structured action-learning.

We rolled out the program over the seven months left in the fiscal year.

In order to give a much needed boost to the execution of the business plan, we delivered the first two modules in a condensed fashion, i.e. within one month. The focus was to 1) promote the necessary change leadership mindset among all the managers; 2) equip them with a first set of relevant “battle-tested” tools they needed immediately; 3) have them re-think their execution plans to minimize resistance and maximize impact; and 4) guide them as they started implementing their revised plans.

We then carefully integrated the subsequent modules with the remainder of the fiscal year, based on both the time-frame of the change initiatives and the business planning cycle.


JMP brought the execution of the business plan back on track, delivering strongly on its strategic objectives for that fiscal year.

As a result of the program, JMP modified how it planned and executed its corporate strategies – embedding a strong change leadership mindset to the entire process and consciously balancing both the technical and human impacts.

The new approach has resulted in more effective planning and smoother execution, facilitated by the ongoing use of the common language and frame of references developed through the program.



  • Phase 1 | “Preparing for the change journey”: 2 weeks.
  • Phase 2 | “Putting to sea, away from the abyss”: 1 month.
  • Phase 3 | “Navigating the treacherous sea of change” and Phase 4 | “Passing the lighthouse and reaching the safe harbour”: 6 months for both phases.


JMP delivers world class automation, control and information solutions that enhance manufacturing and production performance. Every time. All the time.

JMP’s capabilities were recognized with industry awards including; Control System Integrator of the Year – Control Engineering, Packaging Integrator of the Year – Packaging Digest, the Microsoft Impact Award for Data Management Solutions, and the London Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Award for Excellence in Human Resources.

With branches across North America, JMP is able to meet the needs of customers both locally and globally. JMP Engineering is a CSIA certified System Integrator (Control System Integrators Association).

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