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Stage 1 | LAG BEHIND: struggling to execute strategic change

In the first post of this series, we provided an overview of the 4-stage model we use at ORCHANGO to help client organizations develop their change management capabilities while executing strategic change (see figure; click on the image to enlarge it). We discussed how an organization’s CM-Score™ – a special metric generated from our CHECK UP!™ survey – evolves as it progresses from stage to stage.

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New blog series: building change management capabilities

With this blog post, we are launching a series of articles about what it takes to build an organization’s change management capabilities.

This first article provides an overview of the 4-stage model we have developed at ORCHANGO to help our clients thread change management into their organizational and leadership cultures. We will illustrate the model with an analogy: an airliner taking off. You will find a short video clip about it near the end of the post.

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