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Teamwork: Google’s data shows that sensitive beats smart

Teamwork - Google’s Data Shows That Sensitive Beats Smart

Google’s quest to crack the team excellence code brings the author back to his childhood – when his parents insisted on two simple rules for discussions around the dinner table. It turns out these rules are the keys to team success!

Article first written for the People + Strategy blog of HRPS (USA).

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A change-capable organization that moves with strategy

According to CEB, CHROs should rethink their role and place change capability building high on the agenda for 2016. In this blog post, the author highlights CEB’s reasoning; points to a new McKinsey article that addresses the design side of the challenge; and provides further guidance on creating an organization that moves with strategy.

Article first written for the blog of HR People & Strategy (USA). Also appeared on the blog of the Strategic Capability Network (Canada).

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