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Powering on change management potential

Powering On Change Management Potential

Model & case study to help build organizational change capacity… Edmond Mellina wrote this paper for Effective Executive, one of the flagship journals of IUP Publications (India). The theme of that particular issue was: “Powering on Potential”.

Paper overview: An organization cannot grow if it remains unwilling to change. The capacity to absorb change is the fuel that propels an organization forward and puts it on the path of progress. And this organizational capacity can be built by adopting the 4-stage model presented in this paper. Besides giving an overview of the said model, the paper also draws on a client case to explain how change management capabilities can be increased in the real world and how it helps an organization to reach its potential.

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A customer-focused culture for market leadership and innovation

A Customer-focused Culture For Market Leadership And Innovation

Stories about companies losing their market dominance often concentrate on the technology-disruption angle (e.g. how Apple’s iPhone destroyed Nokia’s mobile business). The same is true when new players shake entire sectors (e.g. how Uber’s app is causing havoc to the taxi industry). However, the story of Airbus Helicopters in North America reminds us that market leadership – and innovation – is first and foremost about customer focus.

Article first written for the People + Strategy blog of HRPS (USA). The Strategic Capability Network (Canada) also published the article on its blog.

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Bad for business: managers playing dark politics

Bad For Business: Managers Playing Dark Politics

Premier US-based association HRPS (executive arm of SHRM) invited Edmond Mellina to contribute monthly to its brand new blog on HR, people and strategy. The latest edition of the People & Strategy journal provided the starting point for this blog post…

This post also appeared on the blog of the Strategy Capability Network.

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A “political nose” à la John Baird is useful in change management

A “political Nose” à La John Baird Is Useful In Change Management

The unexpected resignation of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has been front page news here in Canada since yesterday. Baird, who is one of the country’s most recognized (and controversial) public figures, is leaving politics all at once. A quote in this morning’s newspapers got me to think about change management.

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