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View from the top: a CEO comments on STEP UP!™

NEWS RELEASE | December 01, 2012 | Toronto, ON, Canada

ORCHANGO, a firm with world-class expertise in change management, is pleased to announced it has reached the mid-way point of its three-year contract with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). ORCHANGO’s mandate with TSSA is three-fold:

  1. Support the execution of strategic change;
  2. Build world-class change capabilities; and
  3. Adapt the organizational culture.

During the first year of the contract, all TSSA managers participated in a leadership development program to learn how to use ORCHANGO’s proven tools and techniques to lead their respective teams through the many changes that TSSA is undertaking. The program featured STEP UP!™ – the game of change management by ORCHANGO.

View from the top

David Scriven, TSSA’s Interim President and Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Secretary and Executive Champion for Change Management, recently commented on the power of STEP UP!™:

The STEP UP!™ game has made a tremendous contribution to building TSSA’s change capabilities. In team sports (for example soccer) it is hard to learn how to play if you never watched a game before. The same is true in change management. With STEP UP!™, the participants had a great opportunity to simultaneously watch and play the ‘change management game’. This built a strong foundation for the rest of our action-learning journey as an organization.

STEP UP!™ vividly presented the reality of being in the fog during the early phases of a change project. This was a key message which otherwise would have been very difficult to teach and learn. Furthermore, the game equipped the learners with effective strategies, methods and tools to clear the fog and build momentum towards change.

With its storyline and characters, STEP UP!™ brought to life the tools especially the Ladder of Commitment | Resistance and its six rungs [Campaigners, Helpers, Skeptics; Wind Watchers; Foot Draggers; Torpedoes]. The game immersed the participants in a simulation that felt all too real: they could immediately think of real people who personify the various rungs of the Ladder; they could relate to the events and challenges.

Also, the characters provided us with neutral labels for people’s attitudes towards change. For example, a leader can now capture someone’s lack of commitment by saying: ‘We have a Nick Duran here’. The people working on the change will know exactly what that leader means – and, more importantly, what to do about it.

Thanks to the common language and the tools we acquired through STEP UP!™, we work better together and drive change more effectively throughout TSSA.


Click here to learn more about STEP UP!:

  • The genesis of the game;
  • The learning and culture-change objectives that drove its design;
  • How the game is played;
  • What the participants learn through the experience;
  • How STEP UP! benefits our client organizations.


About TSSA

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) is an innovative, not-for-profit, organization dedicated to enhancing public safety. Throughout Ontario, TSSA regulates the safety of amusement devices, boilers and pressure vessels, elevating devices, fuels, operating engineers, ski lifts, and upholstered and stuffed articles. Its range of safety services include public education and consumer information, certification, licensing and registration, engineering design review, inspections, investigations, safety management consultation, and enforcement and prosecution activities. The organization’s vision is to be a valued advocate and recognized authority in public safety.


Our specialty is to build the change capabilities of client organizations and help them execute strategic change. We provide world-class expertise in change management. We serve the diverse needs of our clients through three lines of business: Learning; Consulting; and Speaking. Our training programs leverage the power of learning while executing. ORCHANGO’s unique toolkit includes: STEP UP!™, a learning game of change management; and CHECK UP!™, a special survey to measure and drive an organization’s change capabilities.


Edmond Mellina | [email protected] | +1-416-607-6474


As ORCHANGO's editor, I post news and related articles about our firm on both our website and LinkedIn page. I also manage our YouTube channel.

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