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Board Of Directors Edition

Board of directors edition

STEP UP! game for board of directors... Last Sunday afternoon, the Board of Directors of…

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Emceeing Conference

Emceeing conference

Edmond Mellina doing his thing... Last June, the Strategic Capability Network held its first-ever “Academia Meets…

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Edmond’s Glossary ;-)

Edmond’s glossary 😉

Special French-accent glossary we've put together with help from... ORCHANGO founding president Edmond Mellina is known…

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Learning Change Leadership

Learning change leadership

Middle managers raising their effectiveness as change leaders... This group of middle managers learned how to…

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CSTD Annual Conference

CSTD annual conference

Edmond Mellina shared a client story at conference... ORCHANGO president Edmond Mellina spoke again this…

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Client CEO Co-presents

Client CEO co-presents

TSSA CEO M. Beard and ORCHANGO president E. Mellina... Michael Beard, President & CEO of…

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Our Principals In Jeddah

Our principals in Jeddah

Memorabilia from one of our projects at the Islamic Development Bank... While doing a "spring cleaning"…

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Future CIOs Playing STEP UP!™

Future CIOs playing STEP UP!™

IT executives competing in our learning game... This group of IT executives in downtown Toronto…

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Quick Reference Guide

Quick reference guide

Reinforcing the learning on an ongoing basis... For the past couple of years, we have…

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Learning While Executing

Learning while executing

A change project team learning while executing... This project team is learning change management while executing…

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Ready To Play STEP UP!

Ready to play STEP UP!

The classroom has been set up for our learning game... We've just finished setting up…

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