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Edmond’s glossary ;-)

Special French-accent glossary we’ve put together with help from…

ORCHANGO founding president Edmond Mellina is known for having a strong continental-French accent when speaking English. Audiences love it. Edmond often starts the learning programs he facilitates by giving participants a “license” to ask him to repeat any word or phrase they don’t understand. However, after a few minutes they get used to his accent so he rarely receives such requests. Nevertheless, while observing Edmond from the back of the classroom one of us had the idea of writing down the distinctive ways he pronounces some words. When our art director Marie-Claude Carignan saw the list, she couldn’t help: 1) laughing; and 2) applying some graphic design and having it framed (click on the photo to enlarge it). Since then, we give a framed copy of “Edmond’s Glossary” to every new ORCHANGO team member. And we often hand it out to participants at the start of the programs that Edmond runs. It makes for a really nice ice-breaker 😉 Over the years, participants have provided us with wonderful new entries to this ever-expanding glossary!

Edmond’s Glossary ;-)
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