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CSTD annual conference

Edmond Mellina shared a client story at conference…

ORCHANGO president Edmond Mellina spoke again this year at the annual conference of the Canadian Society for Training & Development (CSTD). He discussed how a client organization – the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) – multiplied its ability to absorb change and built a culture of change leadership while successfully rolling out complex change. Edmond talked about TSSA’s change management capability building journey. He discussed how our CHECK UP!™ survey helped us monitor and demonstrate TSSA’s progress.To find out more about TSSA story, read this article by Canadian HR Reporter, a Thomson Reuter publication.

P1 CSTD Conference
P1 CSTD Conference
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P1 CSTD ConferenceP2 CSTD ConferenceP3 CSTD ConferenceP4 CSTD ConferenceP5 CSTD Conference
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