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The ORCHANGO Method™

for fast-paced, ongoing and disruptive change

Agile toolkit for today’s world

Most organizations continue to rely on step-by-step change management methodologies developed in the mid-to-late 90s, when change was still relatively slow and controlled (e.g. Prosci’s ADKAR, Kotter’s 8 Steps; Anderson’s 9 Phases; etc.). It doesn’t work anymore.

Time and again, the ORCHANGO Method™ (formerly the ORCHANGO Change Management System™) has proven amazingly effective when fast-paced, ongoing and disruptive change is the norm.

Stethoscope-like effectiveness

Our tools share three key characteristics with the ER doctor’s stethoscope: Readily available; Simple yet effective; and Catalyst for action.

That is because the ORCHANGO Method™ has been specifically developed by and for change leaders operating in fast-paced environments − i.e. when ongoing and disruptive change is the norm. Our unique tools, guiding principles and techniques are super effective and easy to apply in today’s fast & furious business world.

BTW — one of our most critical tools is actually called… the Change Stethoscope™.

Embraced by the key change & innovation players

The folks at the forefront of change & innovation — i.e. the technical or operational leaders and professionals in field or head offices — are quick to embrace the ORCHANGO Method™. They learn the essentials of the method through the STEP UP!™ game, a simulation that feels all too real!

Bottom line: change & innovation that stick!

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