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Address specific, short-term needs

High value delivered quickly

We don’t always work on large-scale initiative. Our clients also give us short-term mandates to tackle specific, short-term needs. Of course, there is always a change aspect to them.

Of course, we bring to these smaller engagements the same expertise and high-impact toolkit that enable us to transform an entire organizational and its culture; build nimble change management capabilities; or strengthen the leadership bench.

Bottom-line: high value delivered quickly.


  • Facilitating strategic planning retreats with Boards of Directors or Management.
  • Turning around dysfunctional units.
  • Getting siloed divisions to better collaborate.
  • Advising & coaching leaders in pivotal positions on issues such as: nimble change leadership; team effectiveness; cross-functional challenges; other strategic and/or critical issues − including culture change of course.
  • Guiding innovation teams struggling to bring their innovations to market because of lack of buy-in from the rest of the organization (i.e. the infamous rejection by the so-called “corporate immune system”).
  • Delivering a tailored speech or facilitating an highly-engaging experience to ensure the success of a corporate event.
  • Developing, running and analyzing specific surveys.
  • Evolving the mindset of sales professional so that they focus their efforts on more promising segments of the market.
  • Etc.
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