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We hired ORCHANGO to build TSSA’s change capabilities, embed change management into the organizational culture and guide us through the execution of key strategic initiatives.

Like most organizations, we were not sure where to start. We had different ideas and perspectives about it. ORCHANGO brought a ‘launch pad’ that took us on the journey with confidence and effectiveness.

Change management had never received much attention at TSSA until ORCHANGO came in with its unique approach. They helped us understand what it was. But, most importantly, they got us to develop a strong focus very quickly – so that change management became (and still is) part of our day-to-day.

There is no shortage of change management frameworks out there. But ORCHANGO has developed a slick and solid model. It resonates very well with people and helps them navigate change. The toolkit is easy to understand, remember and apply. It promotes effective collaboration through discussions based on common tools and vocabulary.

Thanks to ORCHANGO, considering and managing the impact of change has become part of TSSA’s culture. We are committed to keeping it that way as this represents a long-term benefit to us.

— Michael Beard, President & CEO, Technical Standards and Safety Authority


Photo credit: Technical Standard & Safety Authority.

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